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Sport is life. We at Giannini Arreda firmly believe that sport is a unique way to be in contact with nature, as well as with oneself, for this reason we support and are sponsors of the athlete Nicole Monsorno, young promise of cross-country skiing. We have chosen to support Nicole because the innate love she feels towards her sport is the same feeling that Giannini Arreda puts in creating its custom-made furniture, in working the wood to shape something new from the raw material.

The very young Nicole has already had an important career: despite being only 20 years old (she was born in Cavalese in 2000) she has already been chosen to join the "Fiamme Gialle" group of skiers in Predazzo, realizing the dream she had since she was a young girl, to be part of the Italian Guardia di Finanza. Nicole has always felt love for cross-country skiing: she was only 4 years old, in fact, when she wore skis for the first time on her feet and moved, free, on the snow.
She won her first individual medal soon, she was little more than a child, and in the following years she earned at least 15 medals at the Italian Championships and the Italian Cup. In the 2018-2019 season she won her first European Cup representing the Italian national team, also taking part in the junior world championship in Finland, with excellent results, defeating her colleagues from across the Alps.
Nicole is continuing to win: she set the best qualifying time in Campra, at the OPA Cup Junior in early January 2020, earning her first international victory after her official entry into the italian Fiamme Gialle.
The confidence of her group is allowing her to live the love for her sport in a completely carefree way, which is what it takes to achieve the best results on the field.
When someone believes in you, in fact, everything becomes easier, even the biggest challenges appear easy.

We also believe in Nicole, because the passion for what you do, from sport to work, is what allows you to achieve your goals. That's why Giannini Arreda is at Nicole's side during her competitions, while she moves fast down the ski slopes, with the white snow and the spectacle of the mountains around her.
The sweat, physical and mental fatigue and a few sacrifices, make every result more beautiful, more alive and more real, in working life, as in sport.
We think that Nicole's career will be long, beautiful, full of challenges, results and perhaps even falls, like life.
And if sport is life, Giannini Arreda will be with you on this journey, Nicole Monsorno.

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